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Aiming to provide professional protection for more websites. Early protection means greater security!

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JavaScript Encryption

safekodo provides you with various JavaScript code encryption methods. Not only can you encrypt website code, but you can also encrypt applications built with JavaScript!

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Code Environment Lock

When using safekodo to encrypt your JavaScript code, you can choose to lock the allowed environment of the code, making it even more secure!

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Multiple File Encryption

safekodo also supports encrypting multiple JS files (these JS files have direct call relationships), as well as encrypting JS files produced by packaging tools like webpack, vite, etc.

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Dynamic Code Encryption

When using safekodo, you can dynamically encrypt specified JS code, so that every time your site loads the encrypted code, it is encrypted and different each time!

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Available on Multiple Platforms, Comprehensive Protection!
# NodeJS
# Electron
# uniapp
# Mini Programs
# Web
# CommonJS/ESM
# Output Performance Configuration
# Confusing Code Block Injection
# Remove console Functions
# Prevent Site from Running in iframe
# Block Keyboard F12
# Prevent Running in Selenium Environment
# Running Time Lock
# More Features Coming...
# More Features Coming...
# Control Flow Flattening
# Disable Console Debugging
# Strict Mode
# Prevent Code Formatting
# Obfuscate Variable and Function Names
# Code Running Environment Configuration
# Domain Lock
# Reserved Words Setting